Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bunch of things coming up. Camping and rafting. July + August.

Work's okay.

Been trying to learn Japanese. Taking its time. And I can't seem to keep to a schedule. Same with working out. Otherwise, life is good.

I think the reason that Magibon is popular, especially her silent videos, is because she smiles while staring at you. The appeal of a cute girl staring at you while smiling is undeniable.

Sound sometimes do detract. I am surprised at her age though. She does look 12.

And yeah. Random? out of Nowhere? Sure. Let's hope life is like that. No Reservations is certainly interesting.

Maybe I'll help Darrick move. I don't know yet.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dreaming of her. ?When : Dream -> Reality.

It isn't usual for my dreams to e this vivid. Usually I can never catch anything but a glimpse of her. Her face seems to always change, but her essence remains the same. Yet, I think today I have the clearest picture of her yet.

It starts off kind of weird. First of all, she's the daughter of a man who has made millions selling his device on an infomercial. It was a device that's kind of like a blender, but has rubber attachments instead of blades. The device is primarily used to untangle pasta into flowing strands instead of clumps. It worked really well, and it sold for $40 dollars each.

Now, I forget where I met her, but her father was adamant and dead set against me dating his daughter. I think it was something about me that set him off. She however, seemed quite attracted to me somehow. I do not know why, so I'm kind of insecure about that. But do I ever love her. She's sweet, caring. Beautiful. She seems a bit distressed that her father doesn't like me, since she loves her father as well, but. We were making some type of food (I think it was onigiri, since we were making rice balls and covered up the rice with a bowl and plastic wrap). I had to run off for a while and when I came back, she was wrapping stuff up and gave me a stunning smile. My heart melted.

Her brother, who lives in the shadows of their father, is always trying opportunistic devices to try to garner attention and 'succeed'. However, he has never had a successful startup. His most recent invention is about ...actually, I don't remember. It was called some kind of monkey business thing. The last I heard at the patent office, one of the patent office clerks wants to invest his entire life savings into it.

I passed on the news and she seemed happy for her brother. My plans to impress her father seem to backfire, but she doesn't care. She's also kind of quirky (something about snakes? and the backseat of a car?), and for some reason, hates her ex. Well, in that sparse time between sleeping and waking, it seems there is a person (or at least a type, although I doubt I can ever reduce her to just a 'type') I'm extremely attracted to and love.

Who would have thought. Why did I have to wake up. =/

So many details.