Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A record of things that has passed

24 years.

I wonder what it was like. My teenage years wasn't planned. It wasn't geeky, overachieving, or popular. It was coasting.

I've been coasting through life.

Should I continue to coast? Or actually pedal? I would need a destination to pedal to. But if I just coast, I just coast down to the bottom of the hill.

So where should I pedal to?

I think this question has been asked way too many times. And I still haven't had a good answer for it.

The night breeze is nice. Sitting outside, in the dark, in a lounge chair...watching the moon float by in the sky.

Just wishing and wanting something, doesn't make it real, does it. But in our dreams, maybe we are connected, somehow. How do we change dreams, into reality?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Growing up

This will be one of those posts that sound whiny. Been forewarned.

So, thursday. Dodgeball. Fun. A bit rougher than I expected. Sore from some places from dodging, but overall, a pretty good day.

Friday was Xenia's b-day. It was a lot of fun. Great seeing Xenia letting loose. And can she drink =p. Kareoke for once wasn't that bad. Maybe because its not a whole bunch of guys this time. And the ladies do have very nice voices. I think Xenia has a great future just because of her personality. Two of the other people there only met her randomly, but are her friends just because of her 'bubbly' personality. I admire and respect those people that can pull it off so easily. And I did get to listen to some really lovely singers. Photos will be up on facebook.

Saturday, some of us met up with Edwin and his gf, and Tim, from Dentistry and who I met at Danny's wedding. Korean bbq and bowling. Had my best bowling game - 156. Was a fun time. I actually strongly approve of Donatta. I think Edwin and her look good together. I don't know. She seems to make Edwin more open, and that's a good thing. When we were about to leave, saw Terry and them. Just chatted a bit. Good times.

Sunday. Cleaning. Not much to say.

And this has been one of the more interesting and 'happening' weeks in a while. I must admit though that my goal of change and stuff hasn't been fulfilled. I have been quite behind on my tasks. There is no excuse. After watching 'Waiting...', I realize that some of my actions are half-assed. Yet, one of my biggest problems is that I lose motivation as long as it's not night or I'm not in a self-reflecting mood.

I guess it's time for me to grow up. Stop feeling sorry for everyone and everything. I don't take enough risks. Even though I'm becoming more active, I have done little to improve my life. At least my wardrobe is getting better, courtesy of my sister.

Anyways, photos will be up soon.

Good night, sweet dreams, and maybe in our dreams will we meet.