Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A bit late for a new post, but Gradball was AWESOME. It's kind of sad that its the last time any of us will be together doing the same activity, but it was fun while it lasted.

So, the night of, we had 16 people going into a single limo. Stretch limo SUV. Had some champagne in the motor vehicle, and basically had fun talking and such. When we got there, there were lots of people that I haven't seen in a while. There were pictures galore, as a lot of people had cameras. There were poker tables (in which I just played away everything), dancing, and food. The food wasn't very good. But meh. Who cares. There was a lot of talking, dancing etc. Pictures have already been posted on facebook.

Then the afterparty. We left around 1 o' clock. Went to Lan's place to have the girls change into more comfortable clothing. Then we went around to Darrick's place in order to have alcohol, food and music. Fun times. Then we played Mafia for 3 hours until we all left around 6:30. definitely good times.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Screwed up

Sigh, knowing all the tech in the world doesn't change the fact that you sometimes go back to your old habits and/or don't use them in a clutch.

So I met this beautiful girl in the biohealth Symposium. Was in a group with her for one of the sessions. Didn't get any IOIs, but I don't think I screwed up too badly. At least I came off as an interesting guy. Problem was that I was supposed to follow this up during the dinner period that they had scheduled. However, I didn't approach her at this time (namely because I didn't know what to say without sounding like an idiot), and instead just kept to some other friends that I saw over the course of the symposium. At one point, I think we made eye contact. I nodded at her, but I don't think she saw it. She just looked at my general direction then looked away. Anyways, I'm still quite and AFC. I think I need some more help in this area. I screwed up I think. No question about it.

On another hand, besides labs, my life is going pretty good. I just got contacts too. Oh well. Over-analysis is fun to do, but doesn't do anything ultimately. Life goes on. But dang, she was pretty.

Till we meet again, my Valkyrie.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Haven't updated in a week, but that's because I've been sick and not because I didn't want to post. On Tuesday, I was barely alive and Wednesday, I was getting better. Today, I'm almost recovered. Except I was overly smart for my own good and thought warm liquids will help me hydrate faster. The problem? Well, I still have the premium stash of tea that Ammon gave me 2 years ago, and decided to brew some good shit.

Tea is not a hydration liquid. It dehydrates you. Probably because of the caffeine. It did stop my coughing...until I stopped drinking the tea. On the plus side, the tea tasted excellent. I drank a liter of tea before I felt my throat getting worse. This made my drinking of at least 6 liters of water a day for Tuesday and Wednesday futile.

Now, with my cranberry juice that my sister brought, things are looking up. I keep only sleeping at odd hours though. And I'm afraid I keep Takako up all the time because of my coughing. The only time I found to be a relief from coughing was to turn the bathroom into a small steam room and steam the room so I could breathe. Face it, heating units in suites are like dehumidifiers. They suck out all the moisture and make breathing difficult.

I'm getting a Microsoft interview down in Seattle. Problem: I need to review my coding skills. Solution: I've been provided with excellent resources. I see no future problems, but I must make sure I learn the stuff correctly.

So, what happened when I was sick. I lacked motivation to play games as I was really sick. I did get my passport on Tuesday and also stopped by Chapters. Read Kare Kano volume 21 there. It was the end, and while it seems a bit weak for an ending, at least the loose ends are tied up. I also bought Neil Strauss' "The Game" there. Very interesting book. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday reading this book. Then I spent today watching Keys to the VIP: A professional league for players. So what I learned is that there is a procedure to all this, and rationale behind it! Or at least, there's always a ton of theorycraft. But it helps in adjusting my model of human behavior. Seems like an interesting skill set to pick up. I've been exposed to the seduction community before, when a friend sent me a beginner's guide for AFCs, but the book is clearly written and very engaging. If nothing else, I find that it's already helped me understand a bit more about humans in general. Maybe I should look into NLP books.

But on the other hand, as much as I like the theory behind attraction and the game, I like it because of its competitive nature. Not because it will get me laid or numbers. I think I'd prefer a girl that's like Sam in Garden State. But Large only met her through chance. So I have to either pick up girls not at clubs or hope that I'm really really lucky. Both of which may happen, but with the latter option almost being negligible.

Other news...let's see. Got my eye exam today. No major problems, which is good. I'm going for my contact lens appointment on Tuesday. So I'm getting contacts. Whoopee for me.

Oh yeah, one other thing. My dreams for the past two days have been really weird. Involves me being an assassin and basically I'm in fear for my life. The scary thing is that they're linked. I've forgotten what the first dream was really about. Tonight dream was about something like they wanted to team up with me and I refused. Now I act as the obstacle for those two towards their cornering of an industry. It was drugs, I think. Anyways, I help the last piece of the puzzle for them, so they were hunting me down with no regard to cost.

Anyways, time to go and try to sleep. Until we meet again, my Valkyrie.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm so emo it hurts.

Haha. I'm going through all the old songs I have. "Much too scared to let my feelings show. But you shielded me, and that was the beginning..." Most of my favourite ones are the sadder ones that talk more about the emotional uncertainty and how they can't seem to act. I guess music is sort of a reflection of who you are. If you can find songs that fit you. So what does it mean when I like stuff like Lady of Shallot by Loreena McKennitt or certain Jpop songs?

I feel lost. Very lost. Right now, I don't think I have thought of anything I really like to enjoy doing except winning in something. I dislike losing. But then again, I haven't sharpened my skills in any real competitive thing. Maybe simpler, I don't even care about winning that much. More like being recognized. I'd rather be the honorable/dignified/competent person on a losing team than a forgettable winner. I realize that some fame can come at the cost of popularity or doing bad things would get you noticed a lot easier. But that is not for me. I don't think I want to do something bad just to get noticed.

I've noticed that I have two sides to me. One that is empathic towards other people, and one that totally disregards others. The empathic one can not act, for it cares too much. The disregarding one does not act, because it feels too apathetic to do so. But I do notice I can stop my emotions (kill it if you will) by will if I wanted to. I don't know why I developed this skill, but its been there since JHS. I would call it different sides of me if they weren't so different.

Montreal was fun. Darren, Muzzafar, Levent, Yan, Darrick, Allen and I all went down to Montreal for a weekend. Got 4 dozen bagels and 2 pounds of smoked meat. Already finished a dozen of them.

Ahh. As from my last post, I was supposed to go on about girls. But that's too long for a 7:50AM post, so that will be the next post. However, that may be a while. I've decided to start writing again.

Good night and till I meet you again, my Valkyrie.