Thursday, February 04, 2010


What does it mean? I'm at liberty now. That means I have freedom to do whatever I want. Why is it that I don't seem to make much of my time though?

I've been reading a lot. It seems like I'm reading entertaining reference books and serious manga. The reference books in particular are about photography and guides to Las Vegas, whereas the manga is all about life, the meaning of life, and the paths that one might take in life. The irony of this juxtaposition has not escaped me, but it really isn't that comical. To me, manga is just another form of media. To say that it can be both serious and comical is nothing new to me, while it may surprise most newcomers to the genre who only see Pokemon and Dragonball.

In particular, Solanin seems like the manga that most parallels my life so far. It's about the angst of people in their mid twenties, trying to figure out what they want in life.Personally, I don't know. People in that manga doesn't know. It's more about the people in it trying to live their life. While most manga holds audiences captive through escapism, this manga seems to hold audiences captive through voyeurism. Or maybe it is empathy. It's hard to tell.

Hopefully I get in to Johns Hopkins. Also need a job it seems.