Sunday, March 28, 2010

I haven't really been doing anything.

But there has been changes.

I got into Johns Hopkins. I got a job. Work is interesting. Everything is working out.

My photography is going as expected. I might have to get rid of some of my lenses. I think I have too many. Need to reduce the count.

But I don't know, maybe it's pessimism, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. I'm waiting for disappointment somewhere. I've even stopped playing most video games. And all I've been doing nowadays is manga and comedy programs. Maybe my manga is a searching thing to try to find meaning by looking at different perspectives of life. My favourite mangas are those slice of life ones anyways. My nightmare would probably be finding out that this is all life really is. Nothing special, nothing standing out in particular. All I can do is hope and wish that this is not the case.a

Maybe I'm overly concerned about the meaning of life. I'm starting to think that I have not reached the point where I can look at myself and say that I have achieved something in life. Granted I'm still young (at least that's what everyone keeps saying), but I have friends that have much more experience than I do, whether it be in management, work, life or money. I am not jealous, as they have paid for their experience in various ways. However, I just feels my experience just doesn't feel as deep as others. Maybe I haven't suffered enough.

Well, I'll be shooting with my 70-200mm IS mk ii for a while to get rid of this ennui.

Enough about that.

But I have had a lot of interesting conversations with people down near the islands. I talked about climate change with the island ferry fare collector. Very interesting 45 minutes.