Monday, September 22, 2008

All things go!

So far, lots of things have been greenlighted. Following my setbacks, I have now achieved several things that are positive.

1. Car coming wednesday. Nautical Blue Toyota Matrix XR w/ B package and tinted windows. Mmm. Insurance also upgraded. Should check price on that.

2. Dryer fixed (hopefully). Some gunk on the connector was basically creating extra resistance which increase the load + amps which burned out the fuse. Scraped it off.

3. offer received. Finally got my offer letter from Broadcom and means my employment is still 'secure'.

4. Vacation booked. Got my tickets. All that's left now is to plan it. Maybe see if I can coincide some of the dates with Ariel in Tokyo. Would be cool.

5. Got ticket court date already.

That's the good stuff. The bad stuff.

1. No progress with the girl in Waterloo. Just too far right now. Maybe after Japan. Maybe remember to get gift?

2. No money after the car.

3. Delaying a lot of things.

Somehow, after reading about chaos in a book about chaos theory and the lessons to be learned make me realize how much we take for granted that order exist. And I use too much time thinking when I should be doing the laundry or the lawn.

Or doing the GMAT review.

Oh well. The car will probably cheer me up.


Monday, September 15, 2008


For those that don't know, I was in a traffic accident last thursday. Not the best of reasons, and I'm not oging to get into it here, but I am unhurt, although my car is a total loss.

I have rented a Corolla, and am about to lease a '09 Matrix. Nautical Blue XR with sports package is probably the one I'm going to choose.

Now that the mundane stuff is out of the way...

Japan in 2 months. Trip to the states in one month maybe. But I'm not using my money effectively. It's pretty hard when you're alone and you need emergency cash. Maybe I'll follow in my friend's footsteps and buy that condo. It's hard to say how well it's going to place. That, and there's so much cleaning I should do too. Sigh.

Till I see you in my dreams, my Valkyrie.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Newsfeed brings thoughts and ideas.

So was reading a note someone wrote about how people should love the imperfections of their partner. And how sometimes we only realize the worth of a person when they're gone.

I agree with the latter, but not the former. The latter is definitely true. Not just of people, but of ideas, and things as well. We never realize the worth of ANYTHING until it's gone. Our brains don't detect anything unless our routine is broken. If something upsets your routine, it does bring into focus how badly you may have needed that belief, that thing, or that person. It's such a major idea that you see it in major movies such as 'The Dark Knight'. We have prescribed beliefs and ideas that would threaten our sanity if they aren't met everyday.

So therefore, it is vital that we take time and learn to communicate our appreciation to anything and anyone that have helped us. Usually, we keep forgetting the things that make up who we are, whether it is some thoughts and actions of a caring parent, or the stability and fun that friends bring, we take a lot of things for granted.

However, I strongly disagree with the first part when taken as it is. We shouldn't learn to love imperfections. Imperfections, by the very definition, is something undesirable. We should learn to accept them, yes, but to love them? When we meet people, or when people attract us, it tends to be the imperfections that show us the difference between individuals. You never notice how 'well' a person walks, but if you see someone disabled, struggling with their might to walk, you'll feel attracted to their sense of inner strength. Imperfections does two things. One, it brings your other strengths into play and out in the open. Second, it allows you as a person to improve. People, as a rule, does not like stable things. We take stable things for granted. See above for the idea. Familiarity breed contempt. However, we don't like chaos. We prefer ordered growth. Most imperfections allow us to develop over time, covering these imperfections with our growth and allowing us to mature.

There is a reason that girls (and maybe guys.) are attracted to the bad boy/girl image. We hope that somehow, we can change them. And yet, is it the imperfection/badness of them that you love? If it is, then you would have been a bad boy/girl too. No, what you're attracted to is the idea that you can help them to grow and mature. Loving imperfections would only lead you to try to adjust for something that is, in your mind, something bad. What you really want is to change that to 'good', or at least 'acceptable'. We should accept imperfections, because they are what makes us unique in a flip around way. Since by definition, we can't be totally perfect (apparently, some God is perfect, but can he take mortal form and solve everything for us?), then we have to measure not by the degree of perfection, but by the degree of imperfection.

So what is the point I'm trying to make? That the first line is bullshit. Sure, we should accept imperfections. But the other person, if they really cared, would try to change their imperfection for the better. I know I would if I was truly in love. I mean, that's what being in love is 'supposed' to be about. To care bout the other individual more than yourself.

Now that I think about it, I may be chasing the idea of love as a quest for spiritual matters. After all, I'm seeking devotion, love and clarity of purpose. And I always thought that the person I meet would be my muse personified. I wonder how I'm supposed to reconcile this idea with my rational self (which suggest that spiritual matters and a life partner would be separate ideas) and my cynical self (which would suggest that I have little to no probability of finding 'the one', if it exist). I don't know. I'm thinking into overdrive, but I can't get an answer that easily.

Granted, rationality might not be the best tool to analyze spiritual matters, but it is acceptable. What is unacceptable is just speaking out of personal experience. Personal experience is only as good as the person experiencing it, and I refuse to believe it is the same for every person, or that you are perfect enough for your experience to cover everyone.

Even with the above paragraphs, I do hope that I someday, will meet my muse.

" But I'm sure we'll meet again,
Someday, you and I...
Another place, another time.

It's just that we might not realize
That you are you and I am me..."

Haha. Sometimes we laugh because it is our defense mechanism. And I'm laughing because a video game can express this in a way similar to a lot of people on this planet. We are not unique, you and I. And that lack of self-importance is what kills people, combined with the lack of appreciation. ...yeah... Emo eh?

"Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the dreamer is the real you"

Maybe, I'll see you in my dreams, my dear Valkyrie.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Color is my b*tch

Verified color block at work. Took me two extra hours after I was supposed to leave, but I have proof of signs of life of the block.

To you non-technical folk, it means that I'm good at what I do at my job.

Other than that, nothing else is happening. I'm in no hurry. Take time to smell the flowers.

Going to Japan in November. Making a list soon of what to do and where to do it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

This weekend.

You know you live the Bachelor's life when 6 chicken mcnuggets and small fries is your dinner.


Ajisen ramen. It's okay. Soup base is white bleached bone. Not bad, but not awesome. Noodles were frozen quality. Pork was done well though. I think they're much more Chinese ramen noodle then Japanese.

Chilled with Dorothy. Went to Pmall. Got my contacts. Checked out cellphone plans (can't justify the Iphone, STILL). Checked out plane ticket prices. Mow the lawn. Then ate with Greg and Dorothy at sushi. Sushi was okay.

Then, the next day, got more stuff done, like getting my oil changed, transmission fluid redone. Went to Hamilton to Calvin's reception. Saw Nina. Cute little baby. Finally saw (but not met) Calvin's wife, Fiona (I think...). Saw Autumn, their niece. Met Jessica and Vinh and their daughter, Michelle. saw David and Gerald again. It's kind of mindblowing to meet people that are of similar age to us, but have children that are three or four years old. It's scary in a way.

Was fun, but food could have been better. It was pricey and luxury food, but execution could have been better.

Driving to Hamilton isn't that bad. I love crossing the bridge. The bay and the water looks so good.

Anyways, enough for now. I just finished fixing toilets (they're fixed now), after rushing to home depot several times.

Till I see you in my dreams, my Valkyrie.