Sunday, August 26, 2007

Salmon Roe Riceball - Ikura Onigiri Craving. =/

It's 3:16am. And I have this craving for a riceball with salmon roe in the middle.

Basically an ikura onigiri. I have no clue why.

All I got is beef jerky and egg rolls though.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Meeting new people

Meeting new people is definitely fun. Learning about different viewpoints, different cultures, a different life, is usually much more fun than anything else because it creates understanding. Bonus if that different viewpoint is from a very enchanting and beautiful woman.

Anyways, but like any other encounter in life, it is a memory. Sometimes I do understand what 'the incredible lightness of being' is about. After all, every event we will ever enjoy only comes once. It is almost as it never was and the event was incredibly 'light'. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, although I think I'd enjoy it more if there was a higher chance that I'd meet them on a continual basis =P. Still, fun!
I will do that screenplay about JP and his stalker. All I need is enough pictures. I have the music. I'll have to write it out first. I think this will be fun!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, I haven't posted in a while, but all of a sudden, I feel like writing at 5:42 AM here in Toronto, so I took my sister's laptop and starting writing instead of sleeping because it is so hot here.

I hate heat. I prefer spring, autumn, winter...just not summer. It's too hot.

So what's happening so far in my life?

Job hunting: definitely one of the active topics. Been sending out resumes and transcripts to the jobs I'm interested in. Unfortunately, the jobs I'm interested in are quite far from my field (or a hybrid of sorts) that I do not have the credentials to be knowledgeable. While I may have the information, I can not accredit it to a course or a co-op term. Like the field of finance for example, or project management. However, I have the knowledge and I've used it in doing labs and my personal life, but meh.

Reading: Reading is always taking someone else's perception of the world and incorporating it into your own world-view. Just finished Harry Potter book 7. Finished it in 7 hours, mainly because it was quite...predictable. It's pretty traditional as a fantasy book, although new fans of the genre who got hyped up on the fumes of the book would think it is new. It's like the people who liked Lord of the Rings because of the movies. The original books were a piece of shit nowadays. I give credit where it is due. It was a great piece of work...for its time. It can be compared directly as a Charles Dicken's novel. Dicken's was paid by the word and was acclaimed in his time as a serial writer. Nowadays, we treat it as a literary masterpiece, but the normal person/fan thinks it is rubbish or too long to read. Likewise, Tolkien reads like he was paid by the word, the world is cliche, and modern sci-fi/fantasy players shun it. A good example/parody of this concept is DM of the Ring.

So anyways. Enough Tolkien bashing, HP 7 was decent. Reading more books like the Tipping Point and Unlimited Power.

Sleeping and TV shows: I think I have insomnia. Bad bad thing. Been sleeping, or lack of sleeping at odd hours. Watching TV through streaming. I watched way too much TV lately. And lots of previously undiscovered webcomics. Interesting stuff, but kind of fluffy. No real substance to it.

Food: I think we (we being Darrick, I and whoever else) should start a food club where we go to a different rated restaurant a week. Not that pricey as we're thinking of going to low cost food places or places with good price/food/quality ratio. We went to Pasta Perfection the other day (at Yonge and College) and it wasn't bad. 10 bucks for decent pasta is good. Although, it wasn't the greatest, it is probably the best we can expect for pasta on this side of the Atlantic for the price. (It's better than East Sides for pasta and lower price point too). Joe suggested a Maid Cafe (which is a cafe staffed with girls dressed as maids, which is a genre in Japanese Cafes, but not really interested) mainly because he doesn't want to go a) alone b) with someone that won't understand. Well I understand, even if I disagree with the sentiment. I won't look it, but I am a food enthusiast at heart.

Training: Weight training. While going to the gym may probably make me bigger, I probably wouldn't go at all, so the basement gym is a compromise. So far, it is working...barely. I work on it less than once a week and less than 30 minutes. I guess I should do it more often.

State: Well, I'm not depressed, but I'm not really happy. Content? Yeah. Just feels like my life's on hold until I find a job. I don't think I'm the person that's totally defined by the work he or she does, but it does help take up a significant portion of time, AND it gives me cash flow, which I'm lacking at the moment. Maybe, just maybe, I'll go to grad school, but only if I can figure out what I'm really interested in.

Jobs again: Two companies have always been at the top of the list. Deloitte, mainly because its consulting work and I'd like to work for a big company, but with a startup atmosphere. Consulting certainly encourages that. Infusion should fit the profile, but I don't fit the profile of its consultant that well. Plus its more specialized than Deloitte. The second interesting company that I recently seen is comScore. Never heard of it until recently, but it is a company that measures the Internet. I like the I just have to be able to work there.

Cooking: I'm thinking of getting the new Joy of Cooking cookbook that's been rewritten as the 75th anniversary edition.

That's the things that's going in my life so far. I'll update again when there's another significant event.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This will return shortly

This will return shortly as I recharge myself out of this block.

In the mean time, all you can do is stay positive!