Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here is my pledge.

Well, I'll be going on a trip to the Far East in a couple of days. My pledge is that I will take lots of pictures and have enough 'adventures' that would make a fun trip. I will also finish writing them up in order to post each day after I have come back.

As for other stuff. Back burner.

Someone described me as a little boy in a chaotic world. Perhaps all I need to do is find the little girl in this chaotic world. Devil's advocate? I only like arguing because people reveal themselves a lot more when they're arguing. When you argue, it is because the matter at hand is of importance and passion to you.

I've been more afraid of opportunity cost than anything else in the world. That's why I'm not a huge risk taker right now. I am too afraid of loss. This is a natural human trait that I have to overcome.

I need a new motto. Fortune favors the bold does not fit me perfectly. I'll think of something.

What do I want?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

damn exchange rate

the exchange rate sucks. UGH. 2 days. 10 cent drop. Seriously. what's wrong with this?

I guess my trip will cost more than I expected. Oh well. Probably still less than my Europe trip.

Just won't buy as much.

I love the translation of Yume de Aetera (trans. If I see you in my dreams). It's such an romantic concept.

Yes, I'm a giant sap.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have a problem.


It's a huge problem. So far this weekend, I still haven't cleaned up the house like I was suppoed to. Even today, on sunday, I haven't done anything. Woke up at two and I didn't eat at all. Some kind of purification ritual I suppose.

Yesterday, met up with some of my HS friends. Turkey + thanksgiving. However, I think the after eating activity, dota, made me pretty much sick of the game right now. Uninstalled WC3. Going to have to grow up some time. I've gotten bored of games now. I guess in a way, I finally feel that I can have a direct impact of what I'm doing in life.

Apparently, today was awkward central in the beginning. I wonder if she knows I know she knows...-.-. I love recursive problems. Because if you think about it, it really is easy to solve and to shatter the chain of questioning and uncertainty. It just takes one push. But am I brave enough to do it?

I still can't sleep. It's 6am. Was on the phone for 3 hours talking about stuff. And lots of msn messages. Sometimes, I wonder if I screwed up in my messanging behavior. I've recently noticed I seem to chat on msn only with girls more than guys. I wonder if its because I usually talk with guys and chat with girls because I can't talk with girls in person much (since I talk with my guy friends when we hang out much more often). Most of the girls I know seem to not be in Toronto. Hong Kong, Kingston, Waterloo. I don't know why. Weird. But life's circumstances are like that.

I wonder if I should go to the Jason Mraz concert on Wednesday. No one I know is into Jason Mraz and no one I can really drag them to it.

Bought a new piece of luggage. Hope its as good as I saw it online. I think I might be impulsively shopping for 'quality' items. Maybe I need to limit my spending soon. What with the weakening economy. I'm this close to opening that RRSP account to invest. Questrade seems to make it simple. But I want to wait until Broadcom switches. When I finally get the RRSP matching. Will be a while, but the stock market is like perfect right now. I've been told, you're given three life-changing events to change it for the better in your life. The problem is, I don't know if I wasted any yet.

Anyways, I'm going to sleep.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

256 post. 0x100!

Too much hex at work.

So anyways, I give up. I may be too chickenshit because of the lack of enthusiasm, or the fact that we can barely chat for 5 minutes without being bored. Or maybe I haven't broken out my repertoire of wittiness. Or maybe we have nothing really in common. And I think she reads this. Nah. I'm not interesting enough to read about =p. (Plus paranoia makes people crazy. Security by obscurity though? what a joke). Maybe I still am not mature enough? But lots of people are also immature like me. Sigh. This is one thing I can' teasily succeed in. Because success have no clear objectives. Ugh. Vagueness, uncertainty. Why do you plague me so?

So, 21 days to plan for the Japan trip. Likewise, 21 days to finish all my work beforehand. It will not be easy.

Went to Nuit Blanche. Was fun. Actually met Yuki (and Abe, but Yuki is special because people keep referencing her for info on Japan, and turn surprised when I say I don't know her) for the first time. stayed until 3am. Fun times. Too bad Lily had to leave at 12.

US trip on Thanksgiving isn't happening because no one wants to plan.

Electrician fixed the problem with the dryer, and charged me $200+ dollars for it.Sigh.

Market's down. I don't know when I'll get enough cash to invest as I want to. And house prices going down. Need parents to come back. Hopefully have a deal soon.

Bought some whey powder to help me. It has creatine. I don't know how I feel about that.

Need to look at luggage sets too. Maybe a huge MECC backpack?

As for other stuff, nothing interesting of note. Just minor housekeeping work. I'll post pictures of like 2 months in a day or two. Have to also review Japanese. Even now, I'm slacking. Sigh. I really really need to get my focus.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Let's review in a week okay.

1. Car = awesome. Love the car. However, it is dirty already. =/

2. Dryer not fixed. Calling Electrician again tomorrow.

3. Job secured. However, things at work bugging me because I can't solve it and needs to be done before leaving for vacation.

4. Planning going along. Not as fast as I'd like, but going.

5. Ticket still in purgatory.

1. Hope she doesn't read this blog? Probably not. Given probability. Woo.

2. No money still. This isn't going to change =/.

3. Joined a dodgeball/sports group. Need to get out of the house more anyways.

Doing more stuff. Not as much as I'd like, but its a start. I need to reclaim the glory of my former years. Seems like I was the best as I was younger. In girls, sports, academics. Now, all I can do is rationalize. Reactionary. Bad.

I'm sore all over from dodgeball.

Maybe if I shout hard enough, a purpose would come.